Quartz; silicon dioxide

  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal system: rhombohedral
  • Color: pale purple to violet supported
Lithotherapy application :
Stone of excellence for all the anxious, anxiety, rumineurs, insomniacs, addicted to nicotine and other addictions. Amethyst soothes, makes it serene and put in the face of the visicitudes of daily, family and/or professional life. A Crystal on the front will calm a migraine. A geode in a piece will harmonize relations and in a room promote good sleep.
In jewellery, it has less effect on the person; do not underestimate the Amethyst who remember the power of a quartz. The natives of the end of the year will be very sensitive.

Reloading :
Amethyst love black and hate sunlight to recharge. Also soak the jewelry or the stone in water source, then after the have rinsed, put it down, Crystal cluster, either outside safely of course, night in the moonlight.