The Beryl group, silicate of aluminium and beryllium

  • Hardness: 7 1/2-8
  • Origin of the name of sea water
  • Color: light blue to blue, light green
Lithotherapy application:
Associated with the Energy Center of the throat, that it reinforces, aquamarine promotes a better expression both in speech as in the verbalization of repressed emotions. Located near the ears; a better look but also posed on the neck will be a help in case of a too high excitation preventing a good rest. People born in the month of March will be only more receptive (Aquarius and fish).

Reloading :
Let soak your stone in water source for at least 3 hours. Then after taking her out of the water, you will ask her on a cluster critallin for at least 1 hour.
The reload frequency only depends on vore energy State. It is always best to do it as often as possible, but no diktat of reloading everything, and especially in what concerns the stones, do it to the felt.